Going beyond the legal requirements

For Cerveceros de España respect for the environment is a priority and subject to ongoing improvements. Many and diverse efforts have been made by brewers to minimise the environment impacts of their business, aiming to achieve sustainable development.

The lines along which Spanish brewers work to exceed the legal requirements are based on a prevention policy that permits:
Introducing ongoing improvements in packaging. Good practice manuals, in-house and third-party environmental reports and environmental audits that Spanish brewing groups voluntarily undergo, clearly reflect our responsibility towards the environment.  

As regards product packaging, apart from strict compliance with the environmental regulations in force, which advocate selective collection and recycling, Spanish brewing companies also believe it is critical to continue working on prevention measures, reducing waste at source.

Prevention actions regarding waste packaging in the beer sector have been developed for over 20 years, which means that actions that are easiest to implement, and with greatest impact, have already been developed. There are conditioning factors of a legal, technical and market nature, which restrict our ability to act if we aim to deliver a product to consumers in appropriate safety conditions, with the necessary information and required format.

Cerveceros de España collaborates actively with Ecovidrio, the association that promotes and manages the recycling of glass packaging waste across Spain, the aim of which is to protect the environment by reducing the impact of packaging waste, as well as running public awareness campaigns that promote glass recycling.

Cerveceros de España and Ecovidrio have therefore presented an eco-design guide for the beer sector, which aims to provide companies in the sector with a selection of best practices in eco-design, detailed measures and technical knowledge to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the packaging and its associated elements.

Jointly we prepare a Business Prevention Plan every three years for the sector setting out the goals and actions to reduce the amount and weight of waste generated from packaging in the market, including measures such as eco-design and other sustainability improvements.