Who we are

Proud to be brewers

Cerveceros de España is the association that brings together beer producers from across Spain. The goals of this sector include showcasing beer as a beverage that drives the Spanish economy forward by supporting the Spanish countryside, through its weight in the hospitality and tourism industries and its contribution to Spanish culture and sport. The work carried out by members of Cerveceros de España has consolidated the presence and prestige of the Spanish brewing sector at a national and international level.

We are proud of our product, a beverage that that we make following strict quality standards, using natural ingredients and applying environmentally and socially sustainable processes.

Our commitment to society is based promoting responsible drinking. The sector runs a host of awareness initiatives on responsible beer consumption, focused on young adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women or drivers.

We also maintain a firm commitment to preventing alcohol consumption among minors, collaborating with institutions and developing educational initiatives to avoid alcohol consumption, getting a clear, unequivocal message across: zero alcohol consumption for minors.

The efforts members of Cerveceros de España make have an impact across the value chain and drive forward all the economic sectors in Spain, starting with the primary sector through to the tertiary and service sector, creating jobs, wealth and development.

We bet on making beer part of our lifestyle and on promoting sport and culture, we help organise a wide range of social activities where you can always enjoy beer in a moderate and responsible way, accompanied by food and as part of our Mediterranean lifestyle.

Beer as part of our lifestyle.




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