Mission and Values

Showcasing the Spanish beer industry

Cerveceros de España represents nearly all beer production in Spain.

With a natural, quality product, produced applying environmentally and socially sustainable processes and closely linked to our Mediterranean lifestyle, companies are proud to belong to Cerveceros de España.

Since 1922, Cerveceros de España’s mission has been to promote the Spanish agri-food industry, ensure optimal conditions for beer production and act responsibly in society as a whole.


Members of Cerveceros are committed to producing a natural, quality beverage. The beer sector aims to convey the wealth of beer culture and promote the socially and economically responsible impact of its business.

“The beer industry is committed, innovative, responsible and competitive. At Cerveceros de España, we are proud of producing a product using natural ingredients and sustainable processes that form part of Spanish culture and a Mediterranean lifestyle.”

Jacobo Olalla Marañón, Managing Director of Cerveceros de España.


Around half a million professionals work in the sector. We are firmly committed to the Spanish market, as beer accounts for a market value of over 15.5 billion euros, equivalent to 1.4% of Spain’s GDP.


We promote the competitiveness and the presence of companies from the Spanish agri-food sector overseas, offering a quality, flagship beverage in our culture and lifestyle. Over the last decade, beer exports grew by 261%, making Spain the fourth biggest beer producer in the European Union. At Cerveceros de España we drive ongoing improvements at facilities and in processes to boost competitiveness and the quality of the end product, which means that beer sales grow at a rate of above 3% every year.

Innovation and Development

Our commitment to Spanish agriculture is crucial, as 90% of raw materials are sourced nationally. Spain is the sixth biggest producer of hops in Europe and the ninth worldwide. The leading role of the Spanish brewing sector at a national and international level is based on its strong bet on innovation and development of new quality control methods and production procedures that raise the quality of the beer and address consumer needs and demands.

Cultural Value

Beer is a natural beverage that is associated with social gatherings and moments we share. The way we enjoy beer, by sharing good times and thanks to the benefits provided by moderate consumption, mean it has great cultural value and is strongly rooted in Spanish society. Beer is also part of gastronomic pleasure, within a Mediterranean lifestyle that advocates moderate drinking, in company and served with food. As a fermented beverage, beer has been included in the Mediterranean Diet and is listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The Spanish brewing sector exercises strict control over best practice in sales and food safety, at both an internal level and for member companies, who rigorously follow the principles of sustainability and quality in their business. Implementing an Advertising Self-Regulatory Code in 1995 made us pioneers in the food and beverages industry in Spain. Moreover, we create and promote social awareness campaigns on moderate beer consumption and even zero consumption, such as ‘Un dedo de espuma, dos dedos de frente’, ‘La carretera te pide SIN’, ‘Los Padres tienen la palabra’, ‘Prevención del consumo de alcohol en el embarazo y la lactancia’.


Cerveceros is firmly committed to reducing the global footprint of all beer production and distribution processes. In fact, we are pioneers in reducing the impact of our packaging, striving constantly to improve recovery and promote reuse and recycling. All processes carried out by our member companies voluntarily comply with the regulations set out in the following certifications EMAS, OHSAS, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 or ISO 9001.